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IMG_0456Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written but I’m in college now. I’m attending Purdue University and loving every minute of it! I’ve met a lot of other military kids here and I share a lot of similarities with them. I’ll definitely be writing more often about my college experience and if anyone has questions then I’ll answer those too!


This is my favorite drink at Cheesecake Factory- Frozen Ice Mango drink- Bailey


On Thursday, Grandma, Bailey, my Aunt Rita, and I took a little trip down to The Grove to visit the American Girl  Store in Los Angeles, CA. Have lunch at Cheesecake factory and eat some cheesecake. My aunt (actually… my great great great aunt) is turning 91 this December and has an American Girl Store Doll. Every time we visit the big store in L.A., our Aunt Rita buys a little something for her doll. This trip she bought a cute dress for her and a bird cage with a tiny bird because Aunt Rita loves birds. She  has a bird of her own named, Alvin. Afterwards we went to the Cheesecake Factory and ate until our belt buckles exploded. We had so much fun! (:



I was a  finalist for Military Child of the Year representing the Air Force. I did not win, but I was very honored just to be selected from thousands of  military kids. There are so many other  kids doing  great things.

Because I was nominated, the base newspaper interviewed me, it was fun. My mom was proud of me.

My sister and I are looking forward to speaking  military kids at upcoming Yellow Ribbon events- Bailey



When our mom deployed and some ladies gave our mom these little pillows. Our mom kissed them before she deployed. When she was gone our grandma gave us these pillows and told us our mom kissed them, and we could kiss them when we went to bed. We did that every night when our mom was deployed.

What do you do before you go to sleep?