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Military Childrens Collaborative Group
Joining Forces

We have had may changes which took up a lot of our time this year, but we want to start back sharing with you.

In December our mom got an assignment and left for a year. We are living in our home with our stepdad and seeing our dad.  Our grandma travels to our house from California once and sometimes twice a month to stay with us.

This is a very different life for us, at at first it was hard to talk about.  We have had many people offering to help us.

Here is how its so different we only get to speak to our mom on facetime in the evenings, when she is not busy with work, because of the time change.

2012-12-11 15.06.31

Bailey taking to our mom, she was getting ready for work. we are luck to be able to speak to her, because their are many kids that parents can not talk to them because of where they are at.

We have been so busy trying to get use to our new life. We try to do good in school, dance, and cheer.

We try to  keep our minds focused on when our mom will home. She will get to come home this summer to visit us but she will have to go back. She will come home for good around Christmas.


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