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As we were driving out to our grandparent’s house in California we passed by a small town called Blythe. Downtown Blythe has a small  park with metal giraffes statues! I was instantly in love with that park (because giraffes are my favorite animal). It was absolutely AWESOME!- Ivie




Well! It’s time! You’re parent’s coming home!! It’s a great feeling! But you’re parent might act a little different once they return.This because they lived in a different place and had a different job.  Don’t be alarmed though, they’re still the same person.  Everything they went through was a so different, and when they come home they aren’t used to a lot of it.

Our mom was different, she looked a little different, she was so happy to see us. She was not use to riding in a car instead of a Humvee. She was not use to kids being around. She had to get use to us again. And we had to get use to listening to hear instead of our grandparents.

But always remember they still love you and always will.

(P.S.- helping around the house and talking to them helps a lot)


Bus Stop bench in front of the Sawdust Festival entrance in Laguna Beach, California


On Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 my sister, Ivie, and I went to the California Sawdust festival. It was fun and it was cool to see all the artwork they had done.  To Disney artwork, to jewelery, and to butterflies. The Sawdust festival was a fun way to get closer to the artwork that people had made. My most favorite artwork was Christmas ornaments. They were hand crafted and we actually got to meet the artist, Patti Klingenmerier, that made the ornaments. They were little people, my sister got a dancer ornament, I got a cheer leading girl, she is doing the splits. She taught Ivie and I to make flowers. That was the time my grandma, my sister, and I went to the Sawdust Festival.  -Bailey






On Wednesday my grandma, Bailey, and I had a great time. It was really fun to look at some of the art that was created.  I also bought another picture of cows in meadow from him 😛 hahaha! I also got another picture of a giraffe (because giraffes are awesome) and a REALLY cool ear cuff. But of course I went bike riding later that day and lost the ear cuff -.- And as Bailey mentioned we bought ornaments from an artist named Patti Klingenmerier, her clay ornaments are VERY cool! (:



My favorite was a cartoon artist that drew a very cool picture of my favorite movie UP!

This is my favorite drink at Cheesecake Factory- Frozen Ice Mango drink- Bailey


On Thursday, Grandma, Bailey, my Aunt Rita, and I took a little trip down to The Grove to visit the American Girl  Store in Los Angeles, CA. Have lunch at Cheesecake factory and eat some cheesecake. My aunt (actually… my great great great aunt) is turning 91 this December and has an American Girl Store Doll. Every time we visit the big store in L.A., our Aunt Rita buys a little something for her doll. This trip she bought a cute dress for her and a bird cage with a tiny bird because Aunt Rita loves birds. She  has a bird of her own named, Alvin. Afterwards we went to the Cheesecake Factory and ate until our belt buckles exploded. We had so much fun! (: