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Starting in early January, our dance studio begins planning for our June recital. They measure us for costumes, we learn dances, and we practice… A LOT! The 2nd to last week before recital is when pictures start. We all get glammed up and we put our costumes on and we take pictures. Once picture week is over, we jump into “Tech Rehearsals”. Tech rehearsal is the last couple of days leading up to recital. Our studio takes different classes and they all dance together. Then after the last day of tech, we have dress rehearsal. We run every dance in costume on stage at least once. That is an all day adventure! Once dress rehearsal day is finished with, we have our first recital that Friday (Dress Rehearsal is always on Thursday). Then on Saturday, we have 3 more shows and Sunday we don’t have any. Bailey was in 4 dances all together and performed 2 out of the 4 every show. I on the other hand had about 10 to 11 dances and danced different amount of times in each show! Recital is always so much fun! 🙂 We can’t wait for next years recital coming up!

We went to  20th Century Fox movie studio. They were filming ‘Bones.’ We saw part of that. It was really cool to see. We were with my grandma’s friend, Tony. He makes sure movie commercials are shown on TV, we actually got to see some commercial stuff. We went to lunch with Tony and spent the rest of the day with him. After we ate lunch we went to the a little store for employees . I bought Shirley Temple videos and a Glee poster. Then we went back to Tony’s office and dropped him off. Then my grandma, my sister and Ivie walked around 20th Century Fox. My favorite part in 20th Century Fox was when we got to see cars go in a circle so it looked like there was traffic. That was my favorite part there. I had a really fun time.







We met up with one of our grandmas’ old friends, Tony. He wanted a copy of our book Deployed Kids , Bailey and I autographed it for him.  Tony knew our mom when she was a little girl.  Tony showed us around the studio lot . He makes sure the 20th Century Fox movies commercials are shown on TV. He showed us an unseen commercial about a movie that hasn’t been aired yet.  Then we went to eat at the “Commissary”, this is a very nice dining room. When you entered there was a display case of Oscar’s and Emmy award statues. We even got to get a glimpse of where Shirley Temple ate her lunch when she made movies.

After lunch we bought a little book about the upcoming Glee movie and a bunch of Shirley Temple movies! (We loved them by the way) After lunch, Tony had to go back to work so we walked around the lot a bit and we got to see the shooting of “Bones”.And this old movie stage.  It was kind of funny because we saw the same cars driving in circles around the props but on  the show, it looked like traffic!  We also saw a cool movie stage  that was built a long time ago.

But unfortunately we didn’t see any stars.  Maybe next time!