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  Ivie and I were interviewed by Doug Irving. He is a reporter for the Orange County Register newspaper. He had a pad of paper and a tape recorder.  He  took notes on what my sister and I were saying. It was really cool for him to interview us because we never had this type of experience before. -Bailey

I enjoyed meeting Doug Irving, he asked questions about why we wrote our book for military kids, our mom’s deployment, and living with our grandparents.  It was really cool and really fun. He was super nice . 🙂 – Ivie

Look for the article in the Sunday Aug 21 Orange County Register featuring” 10 years of war and the effects on Orange County families.







Saturday, Bailey and I got to participate  the 63rd Army Reserve Yellow Ribbon   reintegration event in San Diego, California. This event is for soldiers coming back from deployment and helping them and their family get use to being together again.

We are titled as Community Partners. Bailey and I got our won name badges and said we were Community partner on it! We had our own table so we could display our books and our business cards for militray families. we talked to many people, adults and children.

Bailey, my grandma and I got to speak to the Yellow Ribbon children’s group. We spoke to ages of 6-12 years and teenagers too! After speaking to the kids we, we handed out out autographed Deployed Kids book.

After the event was over we went to a wrap up meeting for Community Partners. Right before the meeting ended, the event coordinator- Ms.Lisa Flores thanked us and had us stand up, as we stood up , we got a standing ovation!!:) This experience was great. We got to meet new people and touch lives.- Ivie


I brought my IPAD along with me to the Yellow Ribbon event and I thought of an idea that we could show our website up. So my sister and I did. We showed some people our book, show them what our website was.  I went on YouTube to show them a little video that my sister and I made. I also want to tell you what I liked the  the Yellow Ribbon event. My favorite part was how we got to have our own both at the event and how my Grandma wasn’t sitting at the same booth as we were. That was so much fun.  -Bailey