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Military Childrens Collaborative Group
Joining Forces

Our second day in California went a little like this-
We woke up this morning and ate breakfast. Once we were done getting ready, we went to Long Beach to pick up our great, great, great Aunt Rita (who is 89 years old) so we could take her shopping. It was really fun because she had no idea Bailey and I were in town! We went to South Coast Plaza which is a big shopping center that has all kinds of stores! The best part about our shopping experience was going into Claire’s! We were so surprised at how much Aunt Rita liked that store! The first thing she picked up was a cute handbag with a flower and bird design on it. 🙂 Then once we found the temporary tattoos we were looking for she grabbed those and bought them right away! She has always wanted a tattoo, but her doctor told her she isn’t allowed to get one, so we bought temporary ones! But she wasn’t the only one to buy something… my grandma bought a 4th of July headband and bead necklaces and I bought a little ring that has a turtle on it. Then after Claire’s we went to Macy’s and Bailey picked out an adorable dress. After that, we took her home and Bailey and Rita hit it off with their IPADS! They exchanged apps and tips from one another. They also email each other constantly… now remember, Aunt Rita has never had a computer before! Now, while they were busy playing with their IPADS, I decided to go play with Rita’s 4 year old budgie bird, Henry. I held him, hand fed him, and talked to him. Now I know talking to a bird sounds funny, but he knows how to talk and says some pretty funny things!

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