We were Deployed Kids in 2008.

Our parents are in the military and in 2008 our mom deployed to Afghanistan. Our mom was a single parent, and we went to live with our grandparents in California. We went to a new school, made new friends, our grandparents became our parents, and we had to start all over. We quickly learned how to adjust to our mom’s deployment. Just as we were getting acclimated to living with our grandparents, our mom returned from her deployment. Surprisingly, she changed and we changed too!

We know what it is like to have a parent deploy. It’s hard being a military kid. As a kid, you don’t want your parents to leave, but you need to know that they don’t want to leave you either. Being in the military, your parent has to do their job, and sometimes that does mean they have to leave their family. But they still love you.

We are proud of our parents being in the military. They protect us, and everyone in our country.

When our mom deployed and we lived with our grandparents and we lived in a town that did not have military parents or kids. It was hard not having other military kids around. Military kids know how it feels when a parents deploys. You know what to say to each other when times are hard. We decided that deployed kids like us needed to be able to communicate with other deployed kids, like you. So come join our group of deployed kids. We will be sharing with you ideas to help you stay communicating with your deployed parent.

You can email us, and tell my sister and I how you are doing being a deployed kid. And it’s ok to email us if your parent has not deployed, maybe you have questions for us. We want military kids only!

Ivie and Bailey